If you want to make your Pool, Cocktail Pool, Spool or Hot Tub even more comfortable and relaxing for the family, then building a concrete lounger is an excellent idea.

There are many ways to create one of these chairs – but this blog post will focus on how to build a simple concrete lounger that can be used in any type of pool.

The method that we are going to describe here is going to involve building a wooden form and then pouring concrete into the form to create the lounger.

Design considerations

Creating a concrete lounger is more than a simple mould, there is definitely a design process involved.

A number of variables must be considered when designing any type of chair – even more so when the end result is that someone is going to sit on it trying to relax! It has to be comfortable.


A lounge chair typically allows someone to recline. In a pool or hot tub, it is not going to be moveable, certainly not as it is going to be made out of concrete.

Therefore, you need to consider the angles and the final seated position. Is this for sun bathing, eating and drinking? Lots to consider here to find what position would be best for you.

Are you going to cast some arm rests or go for the modern look without? Again, something to consider.